Entry Requirements and Applications

We hope you have found out all you need to know about Wren Academy and we look forward to receiving your application for a place in our Sixth Form. 

2_1014_bThe focus of our Sixth Form is on the study of A levels which allow our students the best opportunity to progress into university and follow professional careers. The entry requirement for the Wren Sixth Form is five Grade 6s or (or Bs) grades at GCSE. Candidates should also attain a minimum of Grade 4 in Mathematics and English Language.

It is then expected that students should have a GCSE Grade 6 (or B) in the subject they wish to study (Grade 6 for English Language and English Literature). There are a small number of subjects which have a higher entrance requirement. A Grade 7 (A) at GCSE is needed for students to study a Science A Level. Students will require a Mathematics Grade 7 to study Biology, Chemistry or Physics at A Level. Students who wish to study Further Mathematics can only do so with a Grade 8.
You can download our application form by clicking here and your completed form should be emailed to sixthformadmissions@wrenacademy.org.