Leavers Destinations

We are pleased that our Sixth Form students have gone on to some of the country’s most prestigious universities. See below for a list of where some of our students have gone on to further their education.

Leavers 2022

Student Destination Course
Aaran G University of Bath Aerospace Engineering
Abdulaziz A City, University of London Aeronautical Engineering Fondation Programme
Abdulaziz A University of Hertfordshire Engineering
Alana L University of Bristol English
Alex F Nottingham Trent University Business Management and Economics
Alex L University of Sussex Accounting and Finance with professional placement
Alexander B University of Cambridge Engineering
Alexander S University of Sussex Philosophy
Alice S University of Nottingham History
Alicia E University of Nottingham Criminology
Alishan J University of Leicester Economics and Accounting
Amber J University of Nottingham Psychology
Amelia B University of Cambridge Human, Social, and Political Sciences
Andriani G City, University of London Business Management
Angel G Aberystwyth University Creative Writing and Drama and Theatre
Anna F Royal Holloway, University of London Computer Science (Artificial Intelligence)
Anna H University of York Philosophy, Politics and Economics
Antea M King's College London, University of London Modern Languages with a year abroad
Archie S University of Bristol Engineering Mathematics with study abroad
Arshia A University of Portsmouth Pharmacy
Arun P University of Warwick Computer Science
Arya T University of Nottingham Hispanic Studies
Awuraa-Adwoa A University of Sussex Sociology
Benedict S University of Portsmouth Mechanical Engineering
Bilal A City, University of London Data Science
Caitlin K De Montfort University Media and Communication
Charlotte R The University of Edinburgh Architecture
Chloe C Nottingham Trent University Veterinary Nursing
Christina J University of Leeds Social and Political Sciences
Christine M University of Oxford Earth Sciences
Christopher L University of Birmingham Money, Banking and Finance
Ciaran R University of Leicester Accounting and Finance
Daniel P Royal Holloway, University of London Financial and Business Economics
Danielle K Oxford Brookes University Sociology
David P University of York Business and Management
Disha D City, University of London Law
Dolcie S University of Westminster, London Law
Earle R Nottingham Trent University Computer Science and Mathematics
Ecem N University of Law Law with International Business
Eleni D Queen Mary University of London Business Management
Elia F University of Portsmouth Computer Science
Elia M University of Sussex Economics
Elif Eda H Queen Mary University of London Biological Sciences
Ella P University of Nottingham Ancient History and History
Ellie C City, University of London Criminology
Emily B University of Sussex Psychology
Emily C University of Manchester Children's Nursing
Emin A University of East Anglia UEA International Development
Emma C University of Edinburgh Philosophy and Theology
Eve M University of East Anglia UEA Psychology with a year abroad
Favour A University of Westminster, London Biomedical Sciences
George B University of York Business and Management with a year in industry
George C University of Sussex Economics and Management Studies
Giulia R King's College London, University of London Modern Languages with a year abroad
Harry P Middlesex University Interior Architecture
Holly Louise D University of Sussex History
Imogen C University of Birmingham Biomedical Science
Ines B University of Edinburgh History and Politics
Jadesola O Keele University Pharmacy
James P University of Bristol Economics and Finance
Jason H UCL (University College London) Pharmacy
Joel O University of Hertfordshire Business Management
Jonathan C Nottingham Trent University Mathematics
Jude R University of Edinburgh Animation
Kade K Brighton and Sussex Medical School Medicine
Kalen M University of Leicester Business and Management
Karim S City, University of London Economics with Accounting
Karl C Nottingham Trent University Psychology
Katrina B Nottingham Trent University Interior Architecture and Design
Kenya L Liverpool John Moores University Sociology
Kourosh M UCL (University College London) Mechanical Engineering
Kristian N University of Essex Accounting and Finance including placement
Leah T University of Warwick Law and Sociology
Lily F Falmouth University Fashion Design
Lizzie B UCL (University College London) History
Lloyd Alun L University of Cambridge Human, Social, and Political Sciences
Louis P Leeds Trinity University Sport Psychology
Lua T University of Southampton Electrical and Electronic Engineering
Lucas C University of Nottingham Finance, Accounting and Management
Lucas G University of Bath Accounting and Finance with professional placement
Lucas Y City, University of London Politics
Luke H University of Chichester Counselling Psychology
Mabel B Royal Veterinary College, University of London Bioveterinary Sciences
Madalina I University of West London Civil Engineering
Mahta K Royal Holloway, University of London Law
Manan B London School of Economics and Political Science, University of London Mathematics with Economics
Mansi B University of Sheffield International Relations and Politics
Mark G City, University of London Computer Science
Matilda K University of Brighton Psychology
Matthew C University of Exeter Geography with professional placement
Matthew C University Campus of Football Business Football Business and Marketing
Maud Q Newcastle University Mathematics
Max L University of Leicester Sociology with Criminology
May A University of Sheffield Chemical Engineering with a Year in Industry
Menèn C London Metropolitan University Biomedical Science
Menna A University of Edinburgh English Language and Literature
Millie B Royal Holloway, University of London Social Science
Miriam K University of Leeds Midwifery
Mona M St George's, University of London Medicine (MBBS)
Nabila O University of Manchester Chemical Engineering
Naledi W University of Cambridge Foundation Year in Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences
Natasha A Arts University Bournemouth Architecture
Nathaniel R University of Hull Computer Science Software Engineering with Industrial Placement
Neal D Nottingham Trent University Architecture
Nicole F Nottingham Trent University Law
Nicole G University of Essex Theatre Arts
Nicole P Royal Veterinary College, University of London Bioveterinary Sciences
Nikolas G Aston University, Birmingham Psychology
Nnamdi N University of Glasgow Environmental Science and Sustainability
Oliver G University of Nottingham Finance, Accounting and Management
Olivia C Bath Spa University Media Communications
Oluwagbotemi A De Montfort University Psychology
Oyindamola K University of Leeds International History and Politics
Parsa S Queen Mary University of London Finance
Raees K University of Westminster, London Business Management
Rasul S Buckinghamshire New University Air Transport with Commercial Pilot Training
Rebecca E University of Warwick Management
Rokas L Royal Holloway, University of London Management with Entrepreneurship (with a Year in Business)
Safran E University of Edinburgh Sociology and Social Anthropology
Samuel H Nottingham Trent University Business Management and Marketing
Sean O University of Hertfordshire Automotive Engineering with Motorsport
Shelaine O Anglia Ruskin University Medicine
Simran S University of Leicester Law
Sofia A University of Leeds Biology
Sophia M University of Chester Psychology and Spanish
Tarik K Pearson College London The Art of Video Games
Thomas H University of Bristol Mathematics and Computer Science
Thomas N University of Bath Economics
Valentina F University of Bristol Music
Vasia L University of Southampton Education and Psychology
Victor E Bristol, University of the West of England Interior Architecture
Victor J University of Surrey Mathematics
Xhovana J University of Bedfordshire Law
Ying Jian L University of Westminster, London Business Management
Zeliat S University of Bristol Medicine - MBChB Standard entry

Leavers 2021

Student University Course
Nancy A University of the Arts London Performance: Design and Practice
Antonio A Middlesex Mathematics and Data Science
Nick A Hertfordshire Accounting and Finance
Sophia A Sussex Liberal Arts
Atescan A London South Bank University Law
Zeynab A King's College London Geography
Layaan A SOAS London Law
Laurant B Hertfordshire Business and Marketing
Evelyn B Edinburgh Architecture
William B Reading Geography and Economics
Tiffany B Falmouth Illustration
Lucy B Royal Holloway London Social Science
James B Birmingham Economics
Parsa B UCL Mechanical Engineering
Evelyn B Bath Psychology
Cecilia B-G Durham Criminilogy
Yusuf Sami C Westminster Biomedical Sciences
Louis C Nottingham Trent Business and Marketing
Sebastian C-L Royal Veterinary College Bioveterinary Sciences
Gabriela C S Lancaster Biochemistry
Roisin D King's College London Ancient History
Fabio D Brunel Economics
Eliza D Nottingham Trent Forensic Psychology
Nisha D Edinburgh Maths
Jamie D Leeds Physics
Amber D SOAS London Social Anthropology
Eriana D S A Nottingham Psychology
Alexandra E Oxford Civil Engineering
Lina I-E Westminster Law
Sufran E Southampton Sociology with Anthropology
Lina F SOAS London Business, Management, Economics and Law
Steven F City, London Computer Science
Sophia F Manchester English Literature
Hannah F Queen's Belfast History and Politics
Josie F Nottingham Psychology
Sienna F-M Hull Psychology with Criminology
Max G Sheffield Chemical Engineering
Noah G Nottingham Economics
Evgenia G City, London Law
Oliver G Sussex Economics and Finance
Gabriel G Queen Mary Economics and International Relations
Tina G Nottingham English Language and Literature
Emerald G-S Birmingham City Psychology and Counselling
Jody H York Computer Science/Maths
Tom H Birmingham Criminology
Sabella H Nottingham Trent Law
Abbey H Royal Holloway London Social Science
Oliver H Southampton Geography
Thomas H Loughborough History and International Relations
Dominic H Sheffield History and Politics
James H UCL Law
Mark H Nottingham Maths
Kimia I Queen Mary Economics
Mihaela I Queen Mary International Relations
Latisha I Southampton Modern History and Politics
Soren J Sussex Business, Management, and Economics
Sarina J London Metropolitan University Primary Education
Lili J Sheffield Maths and Philosophy
Scarlett K Northumbria Child Nursing
Vasil K Queen Mary Economics and Finance
Yasar K Brunel Sport, Health, and Excersise Sciences
Joe K City, London Speech and Language Therapy
Zanthia K Nottingham Management
Hibah K Birmingham Medicine
Sophie L Leeds English Literature with Creative Writing
Oliver L Royal Veterinary College Bioveterinary Sciences
Sofia M Cardiff Accounting
Mona M King's College London Biomedical Science
Ged M Queen Mary Business Management
Lily M St Andrews English
Gabriel M Goldsmiths Journalism
Nathan M Middlesex Graphic Design
Jamie M Newcastle International Relations
Kieran M Bristol Law
Jamie M Warwick Mechanical Engineering
Tara M Nottingham Natural Sciences
Olivia M Nottingham Psychology
Oliver N York Economics
Tom N Leeds Economics
James N Southampton Economics
Joshua O Loughborough Accounting and Financial Management
Amy O King's College London Biomedical Science
Tomisin O Brighton and Sussex Medical School Medicine
Deanna O Met Film School Screen Acting
Andrea O LSE Philosophy and Economics
Emma O Leeds Philosophy, Psychology, and Scientific Thought
Kwesi O-A SOAS London Global Development
Ismael R Queen Mary Aerospace Engineering
Dawit R Queen Mary Maths with Finance and Accounting
Nate R Bath Mechanical and Electrical Engineering
Sepehr R Hertfordshire Finance and Economics
Piotr R Royal Holloway London Law
Alessandra R King's College London Politics
Bartosz S King's College London Economics and Management
Martin S Nottingham Engineering and Physical Sciences
Caitlin S Manchester History
Max S Warwick Maths
Rolf S Bath Maths
Theo S Birmingham Medicine
Andrew S Brighton Psychology and Criminology
Lauren S Durham Modern Languages and Cultures
Emma S King's College London Natural Sciences
Michael T Manchester Architecture
Alexandra T Loughborough Business Economics and Finance
Dylan T Queen Mary Maths
Cameron T BIMM Institute (Brighton) Filmmaking
Sabrina T Sussex Business and Management Studies
Nurit B V Manchester Law
Anna W Nottingham Philosophy and Psychology
Joseph W Sussex Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence
Joshua W Kent History
Hannah W Anglia Ruskin Child Nursing
Niki Y Manchester Economics and Philosophy
John Y Newcastle Maths and Economics
Mme Y Leicester Politcs and International Relations

Leavers 2020

Student University Course
Douglas Alexander Edinburgh Government, Policy and Society
Ian Antoko Buckinghamshire Air Transport with Commercial Pilot Training
Mehrdad Azimi Hertfordshire Pharmacy
Maria Bastan-Sarabi Birmingham English and Film
Yusra Benallal Queen Mary Medicine
Dolores Betts King's College English
Lyuboslav Bezinski Royal Holloway International Relations
Bobbie Bircham King's College Psychology
Ayah Boucenna Queen Mary Environmental Science
Ella Brown Kent Philosophy and Religious Studies
Thomas Brown SOAS University World Philosophies
Tammy Bunbury Bristol Childhood Studies
Kaleah Campbell City Criminology
Christian Christofi Apprenticeship Apprenticeship
Cameron Corrigan Kent Politics and International Relations
Petros Cowley Warwick Mathematics
Ollie Cusdin Sheffield Product Design
Bhavana Daryanani Imperial College Medicine
Leo David King's College Economics
Breno Delgado Reading Accounting and Finance
Nikita Depala University College Economics
Eesha Dhokia Brunel University Economics and Accounting
Daniel Dieppe Nottingham History
Ri Eardley Bath Mathematics
Katerina Economides Brighton Primary Education with QTS
Abigail Eribenne Nottingham English
Darcey Flower Birmingham Psychology
Katie Fong Derby Diagnostic Radiography
Sophie Freeman Warwick Politics, International Studies and Global Sustainable Development
Isabelle Freeman London School of Economics Environment and Development
Elena Georghiou Kings College, London English Language and Linguistics
Alex Green Durham Psychology
Cameron Griffin The Arts London Product and Furniture Design
Niah Healy Sheffield Biosciences with Foundation Year
Grace Hickman Sheffield History
Momo Hoban Central Saint Martins Art Foundation
Naira Iqbal Brunel University London Biomedical Sciences
Megan Isa City, London Pyschology
Soukna Jaber Kings College, London Biochemistry
Carol Francesca Jacquaye University for the Creative Arts Fashion Atelier
Nikita Jagatiya Hertfordshire Interior Architecture and Design
Charlie Johnston AECC University College Chiropractic
Mahboobeh Khosravi Nottingham Trent University Architecture
Alex Kitsis Nottingham Mathematics and Economics
Gabriel Kotowoda Lancaster Electronic and Electrical Engineering
Mori Kuti Nottinham English with Creative Writing
Tobi Lapido Cardiff Architecture
Adam Lam Lancaster Economics and Mathematics (Industry)
Hannah Lauber Nottingham Modern Languages with Business
Hary Leadsford Nottingham Trent University International Relations
Oscar Hei Leong Unversity College London Computer Science
Sian Logie Manchester Physics with Astrophysics
Adriana Magni the Arts london Graphic and Media Design
Melanie Mavromatis Sheffield English Language and Sociology
Jessie McClymont Imperial College London Medical Biosciences
Lottie McMillan Newcastle Mathematics
Theo Michail Warwick Discrete Mathematics
Kristy Mineva Cardiff Law
Lucille Moffatt Nottingham Trent University Law with Criminology
Mukela Mutukwa Essex Economics with Psychology
Patryk Nair University College London Economics
Reina Nakaya Brunel University London Physiotherapy
Alexander Nekouzad Nottingham Politics and International Relations
Renee Nobre Exeter Business with Industrial Experience
Stella Nottage Nottingham Trent University Business Management and Human Resources
Mari Nozaki Imperial College London Biochemistry
Nmesomachukwu Nwajiobi Kent Internation Business with Year in Industry
Leah Oechler Bennett Sussex English
Jasmine O'Gilvie Nottingham Film and Television Studies
Alexei Ortelli Birmingham History
George Paraskeva Reading Real Estate
Joshua Parker Lincoln Computer Science
Roshan Patel Sheffield Geography
Sapna Popatia Queen Mary English
Chloe Price Warwick Politics and International Studies
Rudy Quaidoo Kent Economics and Management
Zoe Quintal Sheffield Biomedical Science
Hannah Rae Nottingham Trent University Architecture
Kimia Rahimi Essex Literature and Creative Writing
Zayna Raja Queen Mary History
Omid Ramezanzadeh University College London Philosophy
Zinkey Rasheed Queen Mary Computer Science
Nabid Salik University College London Philosophy, Politics and Economics BSc
Sepand Shadaloui Westminster London Law
Meera Shah Aston University, Birmingham Economics and Management
Esma Sharif Westminister Architecture and Environmental Design
Ilia Siaka University College London Mathematics and Mathematical Physics
Persia Smuts Birmingham Modern Languages
Yasha Soodin SOAS University of London Business Management, Economics and Law with Foundation Year
Selin Soyler Brunel University London Psychology with placement
Hafal Tamo Exeter Medicine
Louis Taylor Reading Nutrition and Food Science
Aiden Taylor-Lynch Lancaster Mechatronic Engineering
Cameron Taylor-Lynch Lancaster Business Economics (Industry)
Freddie Thomas Loughborough Commercial Management and Quantity Surveying with placement
Sophie Tsioupra Warwick Psychology
Chinemelum Ugwu Manchester Dentistry (BDS pre-dental year entry)
Danyal Usman Warwick Politics and International Studies
Jasmine Verma Southampton Politics and International Relations
Camryn Vodden Kings College London English
Natasha Waweru Lincoln Psychology with Clinical Psychology
Charlie Whitehead Sussex Philosophy
Angharad Wightwick Warwick Psychology
Joel Wong Hertfordshire Sport and Exercise Science
Brooke Xhika Northampton Dental Nursing
Asra Yaghoubi Kings College London Law
Rosa Zaraei City London Criminology
Zaynab Zarghoune Queen Mary English

Leavers 2019

Student University Course
Veena Adrian Birmingham English Language
Saffron Ahmed Queen Mary English Language and Linguistics
David Alagaratnam Exeter Politics and International Relations
Sarp Alinaghi Queen Mary Science and Engineering
Zaynab Ali SOAS Law
Nicholas Antona Portsmouth Economics and Management
Isabelle Applin Hertfordshire Primary Education
Adam Bell City Politics
Isabelle Bettis Lancaster Linguistics
Matthew Biggs Lincoln Social Policy and Sociology
Theodora Bischionitis Coventry Midwifery
Vlad Borungel Warwick Computer Science
Isabella Brazza Surrey Psychology
Liberty Brohan Cardiff Philosphy and Politics
Kobi Brown Sussex Law
Arthur Burgess Cambridge Engineering
Lucie Chambers Sussex Psychology
Holly Charles Surrey Modern Languages
Daniel Chitra City Maths 
Shabab Chowdhury St George's  Clinical Pharmacology
Nikolas Christoforou Queen Mary Chemistry
Tay-Ann Church Leicester Psychology with Cognitive Neuroscience
Maisie Cohen Leeds Religion, Politics and Society
Charlie Constanti   Accountancy Apprenticeship
Christan Covi Birmingham International Relations
Rosalind Davison Durham Ancient History and Archaeology
Urmi Depala Birmingham City Criminology, Policing and Investigation
Devin Dhanki Southampton Philosophy, Politics and Economics
Lucas Dorrill Kent Economics and Management
Uygar Erbil Hertfordshire Law
Melis Erdem East Anglia English Literature with Creative Writing
Kajal Gaglani Nottingham Industrial Economics
Jonah Galton BSMS Medicine
Bahar Gharooni Kings Enhanced Support Dentistry Programme
Simon Gholami Sussex International Relations
Bethany Goodship Sheffield Biomedical Science (Year in Industry)
Callum Graham Durham Theology and Religion
Hollie Greene Oxford Brookes History
Sian Grover Lincoln Social Policy and Sociology
Molly Hall Sheffield Japanese Studies
Aimee Harding Birmingham History
Alex Hiew Warwick Maths 
Kiyan Hosseini Brunel Accountancy
Dylan Hughes Leeds Chemistry and Maths
Dobromira Ilieva Kings Biomedical Science
Ria Jagani Aston Accounting and Finance
Dominic James Cambridge Modern and Medieval Languages
Ann Johnson Reading Microbiology
Elaine Kabucho Kibirige Sheffield Hallam Biology
Jade Kashi Sheffield Hallam Criminology
Henry King York Economics
Prithika Kugananthan Manchester Economics
Yalin Kuyumcu-Kominami Central St Martin's Architecture
Harleigh Lang Loughborough Economics
Rhiannon Lehane Brighton Biomedical Science
Vanessa Luong Warwick Mechanical Engineering
Vanessa Ly City Maths with Finance and Economics
Symran Lyall Greenwich Psychology
Zinnia Lyall Edinburgh Medicine
Manako Maddison   Art Foundation
Raffi Mahseredjian Nottingham Trent Psychology
Kavan Manouchehry-Vahed Warwick Politics and International Relations
Millie McManus Exeter History
Jack Medlin Cambridge Education
Paula Mema UEL Architecture
Chrissy Michael De Montfort Architecture
Ella Michaelov Sussex Psychology
Amira Mohamed Bath Sociology
Saman Montazeri Sussex Economics
Emily Moore Edinburgh Social Anthropology
Carmel Ndubu Essex Psychology
Lola O'Neill Brunel Sport, Health and Exercise Sciences
Teniola Osibeluwo Aston Biological Sciences
Bita Ostad Saffar University of Law Law
Sabri Ozgulec Leeds Business Studies
Lara Page Brown Northampton Psychology and Drama
Ethan Parker Arts University Bournemouth Commerical Photography
Jai Patel British School of Osteopathy Osteopathy
Henrique Pereira Herriot Watt Economics
Christopher Peston Sheffield Engineering (Year in Industry) 
Lemonitsa Petris UWL Acting, Writing and Directing
Daisy Platt Bristol Psychology
Luke Poultney SOAS Economics
Alexix Powell Sussex Economics
Evi Prodromou Hertfordshire Extended Science Degree - Subjects Allied to Medicine
Maya Quartey-Papafio Westminster Kingsway Sociology
Faizan Rizvi City Electrical and Electronic Engineering
Alicja Rzesna Surrey Psychology
Shiven Saini City Computer Science with Cyber Security
Cerys Savinkina Roehampton Anthropology
Louie Savva Essex Sports Therapy
Emmanuela Serwa De Montfort Psychology
Keelan Sethi-Socratous   Accountancy Apprenticeship
Saba Seyri Queen Mary English Language and Linguistics
Mia Sgambati Nottingham Trent Furniture and Product Design
Yasmin Shah Central St Martin's Art Foundation
Helena Shamloo Sussex Business, Management and Economics
Joelly Fearn UCLAN Creative Advertising
Maimuna Sillah Queen Mary Politics and International Relations
Alexandra Sinani Nottingham Politics and International Relations
Louella Stephens Sussex Psychology
Joel Stern Nottingham Trent Furniture and Product Design
Helena Stewart Sheffield Psychology
Elena Tacu UCL Architecture
Fabian Thomas Cardiff Archaelogy
James Turner Pines Essex Economics
Jacob Tutonda Coventry Accounting and Finance
Thandiwe Unamba-Oparah East Anglia Philosophy, Politics and Economics
Baheer Wardak Essex Electronic Engineering
Daniel White Nottingham Trent Economics
Shanuk Wickramaratna Sussex Arts and Humanities
Ellis Williams Nottingham Trent Marketing
Martha Wilson Warwick Maths
Lucas Yoshimura Wood Nottingham Music