Sixth Form Information

Staying organised in the Sixth Form

The step up from GCSE to Sixth Form work is significant and can be daunting.  In the Sixth Form, students have more independence and control over their learning.  Part of the work that is done during tutorial time and assemblies, will be devoted to helping students make this transition successfully.

Careful planning of assignments and revision is critical to meeting deadlines and reaching goals.  With the added volume and complexity of A Level work, it is vital that students review and consolidate what has been covered in lessons.  The amount of work needed outside the classroom depends on individual student ability and, to some extent, on the subjects being studied.  However, our advice is that in the Sixth Form students should be doing at least five hours for each A Level subject in Years 12 and 13.

Information Advice and Guidance (IAG)

At Wren Academy one of our priorities is to ensure that students are fully prepared for the next phase of their life.  For many students, this will be life as a university undergraduate; for others, this will be through an apprenticeship or some other form of training or employment.  Whatever your chosen path, we will provide a comprehensive support programme.  This will include:

  • IAG during tutorial time.
  • Skills training through our Service and Leadership Programme.
  • Opportunities to volunteer and lead at the Academy.
  • Focus Days.
  • One-to-one help with personal statements from our learning mentors.
  • One-to-one careers guidance for all students.

The UCAS application involves completion of an online form and for most students this will be done between September and November in Year 13, based on preparation in Year 12.  Students can apply for up to five universities through UCAS.  Prior to making the application, students should think about which subject they wish to read at university and where they would like to apply.  This choice should be the student’s decision, based on what they enjoy and are good at.  It should not be based on parental aspirations or perceived status or the current fashion amongst friends.


The Academy will provide specialist support for those intending on applying to Oxbridge, or for medicine/dentistry or law.  This may include events that take place out of normal school hours, including weekend trips and off-site residential events.

Focus Days

During the year there are five Focus Days, which cover key elements of the curriculum not taught during the normal timetable.  These cover IAG and PSHE including: applying for university, sexual and emotional health and team building.  All of these are compulsory and attendance may be noted in your UCAS application.

Service and Leadership Award

We see every one of our Sixth Form students as role models and potential leaders.  Year 12 students are expected and encouraged to contribute to the wider life of the Academy, and this may take the form of a regular weekly commitment or at a one-off school event.  Students in Year 12 are asked to contribute at least 10 hours of their time towards the Academy over the school year.  This will involve assisting on the Academy and Sixth Form Open Evenings and giving tours at Year 11 interviews.  There are further opportunities for students such as mentoring, volunteering in the primary phase, helping in lower school lessons and getting involved in annual events at the Academy, such as the whole school production.

Students who make exceptional contributions towards the life of the academy will be recognised by the Director of Sixth Form each year with the following Service and Leadership awards:

20 hours of service to the Academy – Bronze Award

40 hours of service to the Academy – Silver Award

60 hours of service to the Academy – Gold Award

Student Voice

All Sixth Formers will have various opportunities for leadership across the whole Academy; as mentors, classroom and enrichment assistants, members of the Sixth Form Committee and Head Student team.  Additional positions of responsibility include: being a Curriculum Advisor, being a sports leader or member of a team, sports or debate captain within their form, involvement in Drama and musical productions, leading a Sixth Form enrichment, being a Librarian and delivering collective worship as an Ethos Advisor.

Religious Education and Collective Worship

As a Church of England School, we expect students to engage regularly with religious education and collective worship.  This will allow students to consider moral and spiritual values and the chance to explore their own beliefs.  It is important to point out that no one at Wren will ever be expected to say or do things that compromise their own personal set of beliefs.  However, we do expect everyone to show tolerance and respect for all other members of our community.