Sixth Form Admissions

We believe that Wren Sixth Form is a very special place to study and to prepare you for your next steps in life.  We see the Sixth Form as a pre-university environment, where you can make the transition to adult life knowing that secure systems are in place to support you and enable you to achieve your best.

As the oldest students in the Academy, we have high expectations of our sixth formers as role models to our younger students and as ambassadors to the local community and beyond.  We expect Sixth Form students to set an example to others in their study habits and behaviour around the Academy.  This is good preparation for leadership in later life.

With this responsibility comes greater freedoms for our sixth form students.  These include study periods where students can organise their own learning, the right to leave the site for lunch or study and a dress code which whilst professional allows some flexibility in what students can wear.

We have taken a number of steps to ensure the application process is intuitive and smooth by using the link below, and hope that you find this to be the case.  Please contact any member of the Sixth Form team at Wren, if you would like to find out more about us.

We look forward to your applications. Current Year 11 Wren students should already have their log in information.

To apply for a place in Wren Academy Sixth Form, please click here

The deadline for applications to our Sixth Form is Friday 31 December 2021.