Curriculum Overview

The Sixth Form Curriculum extends the outstanding provision we provide during Years 7-11 into Post 16 study.  Our Sixth Form students benefit from staff expertise in supporting young people to become independent learners and thinkers, helping ensure that they attain the highest academic results they are capable of.

DramaWe understand the specific requirements of A Level teaching and our staff have developed programmes of study and lesson plans which effectively meet the needs of all students.  Sixth Form teaching at Wren is exciting, dynamic and inclusive.  It is also rooted in strong subject knowledge and an in depth understanding of the assessment requirements of our A Level courses.  Our focus is academic, offering the preferred subjects that universities most favour to maximise students’ potential to progress to the best higher education courses.  The Wren A Level offer is broad and engaging.  We concentrate on achieving high quality outcomes and students choosing Wren will find themselves challenged, interested and rewarded.  They will go on to achieve results which will qualify them for their university courses of choice.

Courses and entrance requirements

The focus of our Sixth Form is on the study of A Levels which allow our students the best opportunity to progress into university and follow professional careers.  We offer a range of courses in the Sixth Form.  Our entrance requirements are as follows:

A Level:  For 2022 entry requirements we will be using an average points system, with a requirement of at least 5.5 in a students best 8 GCSE's.  Candidates should also attain a minimum of Grade 5 in Mathematics and English Language.

It is then expected that students should have a GCSE Grade 6 (or Grade B) in the subject they wish to study.  There are a small number of subjects which have a higher entrance requirement.  A Grade 7 at GCSE is needed for students to study Science A Levels.  Students will also require a Mathematics Grade 7 to study the subject at A Level. Students who wish to study Further Mathematics can only do so with a Grade 8.