Head Students

2_1072_ngThe Head Students are elected leadership positions held by Sixth Form students. The Head Students work with the Principal to project a positive image of the Academy and to be representatives at formal occasions.  They are given opportunities to deliver assemblies, present at school events and also take a lead in Student Voice.  They work with the Academy Leadership Team and wider student leadership team to help improve the Academy and strengthen the Student Voice.

Head Students are selected by a vote of Sixth Form students and staff.  This follows a rigorous hustings process where the applicants set out their suitability for the position.

Head Students:

2023/24 Beth H - Strand Luca Jones Penny - Walbrook
2022/23 Fay Roberts - Walbrook Joseph Henderson - Bow
2021/22 Thespie Ortelli - Holborn Ralph Vincent - Strand
2020/21 Leah Taylor - Walbrook Archie Mullen - Holborn
2019/20 Amelia Brookes - Ludgate James Hall - Ludgate
2018/19 Sophie Tsioupra - Strand Douglas Alexander - Bow
2017/18 Helena Stewart - Bow Dominic James - Strand
2016/17 Kaycie Catwell - Bow Matei Stancigelu - Walbrook
2015/16 Lizzie Lankester - Ludgate Ewan Crowley - Piccadilly
2014/15 Hannah Robertson - Holborn Sean Beggan - Bow
2013/14 Anjelica Minas - Ludgate Fred Newman – Holborn