Service and Leadership

Service and Leadership Programme

The Service and Leadership Programme is a key part of the curriculum in the Sixth Form; it will extend and broaden student studies to help strengthen applications to university as well as provide some key skills and experiences to aid students make a fuller contribution to society after leaving Wren.  All Year 12s are required to attend the weekly Service and Leadership Hour, in the Assembly Hall on Wednesday Period 3.

We see every one of our Sixth Form students as role models and potential leaders.  Year 12 students are expected and encouraged to contribute to the wider life of the Academy, and this may take the form of a regular weekly commitment or at a one-off school event.  Students in Year 12 are asked to contribute at least 10 hours of their time towards the Academy over the school year.  This will involve assisting on the Academy and Sixth Form Open Evenings and giving tours at Year 11 interviews.  There are further opportunities for students such as mentoring, volunteering in the primary phase, helping in lower school lessons and getting involved in annual events at the Academy, such as the whole school production.

Students who make exceptional contributions towards the life of the academy will be recognised by the Director of Sixth Form each year with the following Service and Leadership awards:

20 hours of service to the Academy – Bronze Award

40 hours of service to the Academy – Silver Award

60 hours of service to the Academy – Gold Award