Higher Education Guidance

Supporting University Applications

We provide substantial support for those applying to the most competitive courses, including Oxbridge and Medicine, using the SCHOLA system resources. We are part of the New College, Oxford Step Up programme and the Christ Church College, Oxford Horizons Programme.  In addition, individual departments offer specialist help on how to tackle the entrance exams and on writing compelling personal statements.  

We have a Sixth Form Learning Mentor dedicated to the UCAS process, offering application advice, personal statement feedback and general administrative support.  We have a rigorous UCAS programme to inform students of the standard universities expect and ensure they submit high quality applications before the deadline. 

What is UCAS?

In Year 13, students will be deciding the route they want to take once they have completed their A Levels.  For many of our students that route is university.  This means they have to complete a UCAS application.  UCAS is the University and College Admissions Service.  Although this can feel like a stressful time for both students and their families, there is a lot of help and support provided both by the Academy and UCAS itself.

Deadlines (for UCAS entry in September 2024)

What When
Complete the first draft of the personal statement (Early Entry) Friday 27 May 2023
Complete the first draft of personal statement (all other students) Friday 24 June 2023
Wren deadline for applications sent to UCAS (Early Entry) Monday 25 September 2023
UCAS official deadline for all Early Entry applications Sunday 15 October 2023
Wren deadline for all other applications sent to UCAS Monday 13 November 2023
UCAS official deadline for all other applications Wednesday 31 January 2024


If you need to contact us about the UCAS process please email one of the following people: 

Head of Year 12:

Mrs Holmer - kim.holmer@wrenacademy.org

Head of Year 13: 

Mr Moran - liam.moran@wrenacademy.org

Director of Sixth Form:

Mr Barker - sam.barker@wrenacademy.org