We offer our Sixth Formers great opportunities at Wren.  In return however there are responsibilities and we have expectations which all of our students should meet.  These expectations are hopefully not onerous and they help to make Wren a better place for all members of our community.

The standards we expect from our Sixth Form are also good for them, as they help prepare the Sixth Formers for what will be expected in the workplace and allows them to put something back into their community.

2_1037_bAll of our Sixth Formers are role models for younger students in the Academy and all are leaders.  Younger students will look up to them and will often take a lead from the way they behave.  We expect all Sixth Formers to be polite and well behaved around the Academy.  In the Library and other study areas, Sixth Formers are expected to demonstrate good learning habits.  Often, Sixth Formers will find themselves working with younger students (perhaps at a charitable event or school performance).  Sixth Formers also have the opportunity to be Tutor Reps in lower school tutorial time and mentor Year 11 students in the Spring Term as they move towards their GCSEs.  On these occasions the Sixth Formers must always be aware of their responsibility to encourage younger students and to set a positive example.

To see a copy of our Sixth Form Contract for all students please click here.