Sixth Form Student Committee

Sixth Form Committee

The Sixth Form Committee is elected by members of Year 12 and the staff body.  This happens in January of each year.  The Committee, which includes the Head and Deputy Head Students, act as a bridge between staff and students.  They have helped introduce numerous improvements for Sixth Form students, including dedicated tea and coffee facilities and better storage areas for Sixth Formers, as well as the more ambitious projects highlighted below.  They also provide valuable feedback on various aspects of Sixth Form teaching and learning.  

Changes the Committee have made:

Sixth Form Charity Week

STTThe Sixth Form Committee raised over £500 for Cancer Research in July 2023 in their inaugural Charity Week.  This was fully organised by the committee, who showed great leadership in arranging several different events across the week.  This included a cake sale, a Year 12 quiz to raise awareness of how to support those affected by cancer,and the popular Soak the Teachers activity.

With plans already in place for 2024, the Sixth Form Committee presents a fantastic opportunity for students to lead on projects which make a difference to our wider community.

Sixth Form Culture Week

SFCWren Academy's Sixth Form Committee proudly launched the second annual Culture Week in the Spring Term 2024, showcasing the school's impressive diversity with staff and students representing over 60 different languages.  This special week, entirely organized by the committee, aimed to celebrate and explore cultural diversity within our school community.  Events throughout the week encouraged everyone to engage in meaningful conversations about culture, share personal experiences and foster an environment of respect and tolerance.  Among the many activities, a notable adjustment was made to the school Restaurant's menu, which was specially tailored to reflect the diverse cultural identities present within our community.

The week's activities culminated in a student led assembly, a highlight that underscored the committee's dedication. During this assembly, three committee members shared insights into their own cultural backgrounds and the personal significance of culture in their lives.  These heartfelt presentations not only educated but inspired their peers, emphasising the importance of history and music in cultural connectivity and evolution.  The enthusiasm and appreciation from the younger students were palpable, particularly when they expressed gratitude towards the presenters for making them feel seen and included.  The success of Culture Week stands as a testament to the Sixth Form Committee's commitment, creating a lasting impact that continues to enrich the cultural tapestry of our school community.

Woodland Trust Tree Planting

TpThe Sixth Form Committee at Wren Academy recently undertook an environmental initiative by planting 30 saplings from the Woodland Trust alongside the entrance at the bottom of Hilton Avenue. This effort was coordinated in close collaboration with site services and senior staff members, and also involved recruiting volunteers from the Sixth Form. This project is part of a broader commitment to enhance the school’s green spaces and leave a lasting environmental legacy for future generations of students. Additional planting is already scheduled for the 2024-25 academic year, continuing the committee’s dedication to environmental stewardship and sustainable practices within the school community.

Meet the Sixth Form Committee

Head Students

Beth H and Luca J P

Deputy Head Students

Yethmi V and Fettah A


William J


Alexia Michail

Welfare Officers

Georgette O and Harry B

Inslusivity Reps

Tracey M and Nikita S

Sports Officers

Grace H and Jude O

Yearbook Editors

Esther H and Lily S

Transistion Reps

Saya D, Pia E and Claire C

Charity Officers

Margo G, Elliott T

Social Media

Hayden S

Student Liason

Jamie H

Luca J P: 

Hi, my name is Luca and I am one of the Head Students here at Wren.  My role includes coming up with new plans, setting others into action and helping communicate with the Student Body.

Beth H:

Hi I am Beth.  I am one of the Head Students here at Wren.  My role is all about helping to design projects, coordinate the rest of the Sixth Form team and represent the Academy to the wider community.

Yethmi V:

I am Yethmi, one of the Deputy Head Students at Wren.  My role is to act as an ambassador at events such as Open Days, if one of the Head Students are unavailable.  I work in the Committee to make the Sixth Form a stronger community. 

Fettah A:

Hi, my name is Fettah and I am one of the Deputy Head Students here at Wren.  My role is to help communicate the thoughts and feelings of the Sixth Form students and Committee to the teachers.  I also am on standby to help at events if one of the Head Students are unable to do so.