Sixth Form Committee

Sixth Form Committee

The Sixth Form Committee is elected by members of Year 12.  This happens in January of each year.  The Committee, which includes the Head and Deputy Head Students, act as a bridge between staff and students.  They have helped introduce numerous improvements for Sixth Form students, including dedicated tea and coffee facilities and better storage areas for Sixth Formers.  They also provide valuable feedback on various aspects of Sixth Form teaching and learning.  

Meet the Sixth Form Committee

Head Students

Thespie Ortelli and Ralph Vincent

Deputy Head Students

Matthew Sheldon and Melika Javadi


Henry Thomas


Zoe Edwards

Welfare Officers

Clara Akinbade and Molly Hayes

Outreach Officer

Ella O'Hanlon

Charity Reps

Isabella Gualdi and Madina Sirat

Sports Officers

Briana Duka and Charis Oponyo

Yearbook Editors

Ahmed Selou-Abdo and Hrisi Arabadzhieva

Comms Rep

Eneos Rapousai

Inclusivity Reps

Annabelle Creagh, Hayley Viegas and Erin Botha

Transistion Reps

Fiona Gyamfi and Punlap Chan


Ralph Vincent: 

Hi, I am Ralph, I am one of the Head Students here at Wren.  My role includes coming up with new plans, setting others into action and helping communicate with the Student Body.

Thespie Ortelli:

Hi I am Thespie.  I am one of the Head Students here at Wren.  My role is all about helping to design projects, coordinate the rest of the Sixth Form team and represent the Academy to the wider community 

Melika Javadi:

I am Melika, one of the Deputy Head Students at Wren.  My role is to act as an ambassador at events such as Open Days, if one of the Head Students are unavailable.  I work in the Committee to make the Sixth Form a stronger community. 

Matthew Sheldon:

Hi, I am Matthew and I am one of the Deputy Head Students here at Wren.  My role is to help communicate the thoughts and feelings of the Sixth Form students and Committee to the teachers.  I also am on standby to help at events if one of the Head Students are unable to do so.