A Level Results 2021

Wren Academy Finchley 2021 KS5 Performance

Headline Measures

Performance Measure

A Level Results

Academice Results

Average point score per academic entry expressed as an A Level grade A- A-
Average point score per entry 45.97 46

 Wren Academy Finchley does not offer Applied General or Technical programmes of study


Wren Academy Finchley 2021 A Level Highest Attainers and Destinations

A Level Highest Attainers


A Level Grades*

James H A* A* A* A* A*
Theo S A* A* A* A*
Alexandra E A* A* A* A*
Amelia B A* A* A* A*
Parsa B A* A* A* A*
Lucy B A* A* A* A*
Andrea O A* A* A* A  A B
Caitlin S A* A* A* A
Emma S A* A* A* A
Max S A* A* A* A
Alessandra R A* A* A* A
Nisha D A* A* A* A
Lizzie B A* A* A* B
Lauren S A* A* A*
Nate R A* A* A*
Lily M A* A* A*
James B A* A* A*
Dylan T A* A* A*

Includes Level 3 Extended Project grades


Destinations (Top Third Institutions)




Sofia M Cardiff Accounting
Joshua O Loughborough Accounting and Financial Management
Ismael R Queen Mary Aerospace Engineering
Roisin D King's College London Ancient History
Evelyn B Edinburgh Architecture
Michael B Manchester Architecture
Gabriela C Lancaster Biochemistry
Mona M King's College London Biomedical Science
Amy O King's College London Biomedical Science
Alexandra T Loughborough Business Economics and Finance
Ged M Queen Mary Business Management
Lina F SOAS London Business, Management, Economics and Law
Max G Sheffield Chemical Engineering
Scarlett K Northumbria Child Nursing
Alexandra E Oxford Civil Engineering
Jody H - J York Computer Science / Maths
Cecilia B-G Durham Criminology
Tom H Birmingham Criminology
James B Birmingham Economics
Noah G Nottingham Economics
Kimia I Queen Mary Economics
Oliver N York Economics
Tom N Leeds Economics
James N Southampton Economics
Vasil K Queen Mary Economics and Finance
Gabriel G Queen Mary Economics and International Relations
Bartosz S King's College London Economics and Management
Niki Y Manchester Economics and Philosophy
Martin S Nottingham Engineering and Physical Sciences
Lily M St Andrews English
Sophia F Manchester English literature
Sophia L Leeds English Literature with Creative Writing
Tina G Nottingham Enlgish Language and Literature
Zeynab A King's College London Geography
Oliver H Southampton Geography
Kwesi O-A SAOS London Global Development
Caitlin S Manchester History
Thomas H Loughborough History and International Relations
Hannah F Queens Belfast History and Politics
Dominic H Sheffield History and Politics
Mihaela I Queen Mary International Relations
Jamie M Newcastle International Relations
Layaan A SAOS London Law
Nurit B V Manchester Law
James H UCL Law
Kieran M Bristol Law
Zanthia K Nottingham Management
Nisha D Edinburgh Maths
Mark H Nottingham Maths
Max S Warwick Maths
Rolf S Bath Maths
Dylan T Queen Nary Maths
John Y Newcastle Maths and Economics
Lily J Sheffield Maths and Philosophy
Dawit R Queen Mary Maths with Finance and Accounting
Nate R Bath Mechanical and Electrical Engineering
Parsa B UCL Mechanical Engineering
Jamie M Warwick Mechanical Engineering
Hibah K Birmingham Medicine
Theo S Birmingham Medicine
Latisha I Southampton Modern History and Politics
Lauren S Durham Modern Languages and Cultures
Tara M Nottingham Natural Sciences
Emma S King's College London Natural Sciences
Andrea O LSE Philosophy and Economics
Anna W Nottingham Philosophy and Psychology
Emma O Leeds Philosophy, Psychology, and Scientific Thought
Jamie D Leeds Physics
Alessandra R King's College London Politics
Evelyn B Bath Psychology
Eriana D S A Nottingham Psychology
Josie F Nottingham Psychology
Olivia M Nottingham Psychology
Amber D SOAS London Social Anthropology
Safran E Southampton Sociology with Anthropology


Wren Academy Finchley 2021 A-Level Performance Breakdown

Headline Figures


Wren Academy %

A* - A 58
A* - B 81
A* - C 95
A* - E 100


Subject Breakdown



A* - A %

A* - B %

A* - C %

A* - E %

Art and Design 10 60 90 100 100
Biology 17 70.59 76.47 100 100
Chemistry 16 75 100 100 100
Computer Science 7 71.43 85.71 85.71 100
Drama 8 50 100 100 100
Economics 44 34.09 77.27 88.64 100
English Language 19 52.63 63.16 89.47 100
English Literature 24 45.83 79.17 100 100
Extended Project Level 3 11 72.73 90.91 90.91 100
French 3 66.67 66.67 100 100
Further Maths 14 57.14 71.43 85.71 100
Geography 18 66.67 88.89 94.44 100
Government and Politics 18 61.11 83.33 100 100
History 27 85.19 100 100 100
Italian 2 100 100 100 100
Mathematics 68 48.53 73.53 92.65 100
Music Technology 1 0 100 100 100
Persian 1 100 100 100 100
Physics 22 63.64 86.36 100 100
Product Design 9 44.44 77.78 100 100
Psychology 39 51.28 69.23 89.74 100
Religious Studies 16 81.25 93.75 100 100
Sociology 24 62.50 79.17 95.83 100
Spanish 6 83.33 100 100 100
Turkish 1 100 100 100 100


Wren Academy Finchley KS5 Destinations

KS5 Destination Breakdown

Students that left 16 to 18 study at this school or college in 2017

KS5 cohort finishing in Summer 2017 102
% of students who continue in education or training, or move on to employment at the end of 16 to 19 study 92%

Students that left 16 to 18 study at this school or college in 2016

Number of students progressing to higher education or training 87
% of students progressing to higher education or training 86%
Number of Top Third University Bound 41
Top Third Destination % 48%
Number of Russell Group University Bound 24
Russell Group Destination % 28%

Notes: KS5 Destination Breakdown Wren Academy Finchley KS5 Destinations Destinations for students who finished 16-18 study in 2016 & 2017 is the latest data available for these measures published in 2019.

Wren Academy Finchley KS5 Retention

Performance Measure

A Level Number of Students

Academic Number of Students

Number of students enrolled to study mainly academic qualifications 164 164
% of students completing their main study programme 96.3% 96.3%
Number of students retained for a second year in their main study programme 163 163
% of students retained for a second year in their main study programme 81% 81%

Notes: 2019 data is the latest data available for these measures.