A Level Results 2023 Posted: 25/08/23

Wren Academy students have been awarded some outstanding A Level grades

A Level Results 2023

Wren Academy students have been awarded some outstanding A Level grades, after what remained a difficult period for a cohort of students who experienced significant disruption over their GCSEs and much of their time in the Sixth Form.

The terrific efforts of staff and students to maintain learning progress over this time has have paid dividends, with the offers of places on a wide range of highly competitive degree courses at some of the best universities in the country.

Once again, Wren Academy Finchley students have achieved some fantastic A Level results.

We have continued the upward trend in A* - A from 2019, the most recent year in which examinations were unaffected and unadjusted due to COVID arrangements.  The proportion of A* - A grades is 29%, compared to 26% in 2019.  The proportion of A* - B grades is 62% compared to 58% in 2019.

Well done to the following students who all achieved 3 or more A*/A grades:

Ralph - English Literature A*, French A*, Geography A*, History A* - Politics and International Relations - Bristol University

Veronika - Biology A*, Chemistry A*, Maths A* - Biochemistry - Sheffield University

Joseph - Further Maths A*, Maths A*, Physics A* - Engineering and Mathematics - Bristol University

Josh - Geography A*, Maths A*, Physics A - Electronic Engineering - Warwick University

Henry - Maths A*, Geography A*, Economics A - Economics - Bath University

Paul - Maths A*, Physics A, Further Maths A - Physics - Durham University

Archie - Product Design A*, Maths A, Physics A - Design Engineering - Imperial College London

Haya - Sociology A*, History A, Economics A - Law - Queen Mary University

Jorge Luis - Further Maths A, Maths A, Spanish A, Physics B - Aerospace Engineering - Sheffield University

Reem - Biology A, Maths A, Psychology A - Physiotherapy - Kings College London

Eva - English Literature A, Geography A, Economics A - Geography - Bristol University

Pun Lap - English Literature A, History A, Psychology A - Law - Warwick University

George - Economics A, Maths A, Politics A - Economics - Nottinghham University

Aristidis - Computer Science A, Maths A, Product Design A - Computer Science - Queen Mary University

Madina - English Literature A, Sociology A, History A - Marketing and Management - Queen Mary University

Luka - History A, Maths A, Physics A - Physics - Nottingham University

Again, these grades represent a broad range of disciplines and are indicative of the strength in depth of the teaching specialists at the Academy.

Typically, our students have secured places in highly competitive courses reflecting broad range of disciplines. In particular, the following students demonstrated significant ability and talent to prevail and be accepted on the following courses.


  • Parth - Medicine  - University of Leicester
  • Dileen - Medicine  - University of Nottingham
  • Viren - Medicine - Brighton and Sussex Medical School


  • Angel Central Saint Martins
  • Erin - Design - Goldsmith University
  • Matthew - Theatre and Production Technology - Liverpool Institute for the Performing Arts

We are also proud of the increasing number of successful applications for graduate apprenticeships. This pathway provides a viable alternative to the traditional higher education route.  Freddie turned down a place at LSE to embark on a Degree Apprenticeship in Fixed Income and Currencies Trading with Deutsche Bank.  Other confirmed apprenticeships are:

  • Conal - Quantity Surveying with Exigere
  • Jude -  Marketing, The Marketing Academy Foundation
  • Alex - Aviation

Oxbridge Success

Below are our students who have secured their places in Oxford or Cambridge:

Zoe will be reading History and Modern Languages at Clare College, Cambridge. (English Literature A*, French A, History A)

Rin will be reading Mathematics at Clare College, Cambridge. (Further Maths A*, Maths A*, Chemistry A*, Biology A*)

Zach will be reading Engineering at Keble College, Oxford. (Further Maths A*, Maths A*, Physics A*)

As ever, there is an abundance of individual success stories where students have overcome significant challenges to secure a place in a range of higher education institutions and we celebrate every single achievement. The students named in this article are a fraction of the bigger picture.

We are so proud of every student and as a collective, our class of 2023 developed a positive culture which set a fine example to the rest of the Academy. We look forward to following the progress of all our students through our Alumni programme. Every former student remains part of our community and we our always here to offer support in the future.

The fantastic destinations of our studens have been achieved through a structured programme which provides systematic support and guidance for each individual student throughout their time in Sixth Form.